Send some flowers HERE

When should i send flowers?

There is only 3 dates you have to remember! This is your number 1 lifehack, it will make youre life more pleasant and easier.


The birthdates of your mother, sister, wife, mother in law or girfriend.
Really! just by remembering these dates and send a nice bouquet they will love you for the thoughfull person you are!
So get your agenda now and write down to send some flowers the day before or on the same day before 13PM (UTC+2)

Mothers and Fathersday

The only reason youre alive is becouse youre father gave youre mother some flowers on the right time in history!
They really put all there love and a whole lot of effort into raising you as the good kid you are, so the least you can so is send them some flowers once a year!
Lets make this easy and bookmark this page and remember... the dates in Holland are:
Fathersday, every third sunday of june!
Mothersday, every second sunday of may!
This can be different in every country so please REMEMBER THIS!!!

Valentinesday... <3

I know... I dont like it either but remember this is for your own good. Every woman in the world like to be loved and supprised! So don't be a jerk and send all the special woman in your life a nice bouquet. Do it. its worth it.
U don't want youre love to be felt unwanted or forgotten. Its a nessesary evil so do it! Happy Valentine!!
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